Introducing: Why DIY Music

The online course that will help you

  • – Get more gigs

  •  Save time & money

  • – Amplify your fan base
  • – Become a more productive person
  • – Maximise your social media impact
  • – Eliminate confusion and self-criticism
  • – Make personal connections, don’t network

Nani hosted DIY sessions in these events

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Balazs Weyer from Hangveto/Womex
Recommends Why DIY Music Course!

Shareef Clayton / Internaitonal Trumpet Sensation
Reommends Why DIY Music Course!

"This is a great program for artists who are interested in managing their careers themselves. One of my favorite things are the weekly assignments because it keeps you engaged and it’s fun! I’ve already learned so much within a few weeks and highly recommend WhyDiyMusic!"
Shareef Clayton
International Trumpet Sensation

Let Me Tell You a few Secrets

About the Music Business

Do you believe in myths while failing to see the truth?

Most people believe that you need a “break” to succeed in music. They talk about luck, about other people opening doors for you and are sorry for not having enough “connections”. Do you believe that you need a manager, an agent or a label to “break through”? This is a common mistake.


I’m sure you tried to find “the right person” for a while now. You wrote some polite emails, asked people to introduce you and even begged a few people/companies to take you on their roster. It’s no wonder, after hearing a 1001 cinderella stories that you still expect to “get discovered”.

I have some good news: You don't need
anyone else to succeed in music

This course is about getting you back in the driver’s seat and help you regain the control you have lost on your career. No more confusing/conflicting messages, I will help you expand your tour, boost your fan base and communicate your message in the best way possible from on stage and to social media. You will become a more productive person and will never again have to rely on elusive, unattained people.


I became a successful musician in spite of many barriers. Nobody gave me a rule book to go by and it took me 12 years to figure out the way to do it. I’m a highly logical and system driven person, this is why I have a method that can be taught, and you can recreate it by joining this course. It had worked for me and for many musicians. It will work for you too.

A Few Reviews About Why DIY Music:

"Nani's insights and tips really inspired me to get to work and promote my String Quartet. After quitting our agent, I had to sell our programs myself. Noam made me see the benefits of being self-sufficient and now I’m even having fun at it."
Sophie de Rijk
Pavadita String Quartet, NL
"Nani is a non-stop highway of information. I can't wait to get down to business. Many thanks for a fun and practical session"
Ofer Mizrahi
Trumpet and Guitar player, IL
"Nani's panel at WOMEX was fascinating, I only wish we had 2 hours to visit all the ideas/questions it brought up. Hope to see more discussions like this for DIY artists."
Bex Burch
Composer @ Vula Viel, UK

Stop postponing your desire to succeed. 
Reach practical and mental milestones this week. 
Pinpoint and eliminate your career issues. 
Start booking gigs. 
Make more music and less administration.



The Outcomes Of My Course

Find your USP

What are the building blocks of your DNA as an artist? Use your Unique Selling Point to grow your audience

Think Business

Music is not a hobby. Get to know the market. Make short & long term business plans

Book More Gigs

Book festivals & produce your own sold-out events. Make touring financially viable

No = Not Yet

Don't network! Cultivate long term meaningful relationships with industry people


1000 true fans is all you need to make a living from making music only

Media & PR

Understand why and how to use PR. Build effective Press Kit & EPK

Social Media

The world is overflowing with information. Learn to stand out


Make your showcase / trade
fair experience count

Who should join this course?

Aspiring musicians who are unsure where to begin

You’d like to start touring but don’t know how? —> My course will guide you trough the obstacles.

Established musicians who think the industry is unpredictable 

Find your way out of the maze —> My course conveys a simple method that you can easily follow.


Musicians who feel they spend too much time on administration

Become a more productive person —> My course will teach you to prioritise and optimise your task list and assess quickly when something isn’t working out. Also for experienced artists.


Artists who struggle with a particular aspect and unsure how to solve it 

Don’t hit and miss —> This course systematically searches for your issue(s) and finds ways to solutions that work for you.


People with limited time 

Save time and money —> Follow a simple work plan. You can do this course whenever it suits you

A Few Reviews About Why DIY Music

"The private session I had with Nani was utterly professional and inspiring. I was very impressed by Nani both as a person as well as an artist, nevertheless as an independent one. There's so much to learn from her unique path in the music industry. Highly recommended".
Irit Dekel

Singer Songwriter, IL
"The panel chaired by Nani was highly inclusive bringing together, providing access to new festivals and directors and agents interested in working with artists from other continents. Regrettably time and networking time was far too short for the numbers of people who wanted to exchange ideas"
Philip Weiss

Ex. Producer @ Sunduza, UK

Stop postponing your desire to succeed. 
Reach practical and mental milestones this week. 
Pinpoint and eliminate your career issues. 
Start booking gigs. 
Make more music and less administration.



Hi, I’m Nani


As a young musician, I shied away from booking gigs. It was difficult for me to “sell myself”, my networking skills were, how shall a put it, a disaster… and to say: hey I’m good enough so you should book me was way out of my league. Somehow, although I didn’t believe in this attitude, I still tried to fulfil it’s expectations and it didn’t do me a great service. 


Nothing seemed to help: I studied music in the best schools: the Amsterdam Conservatory, the Buchman Mehta school of music and the Jerusalem Music Academy. Only when I realised I had to play to my strengths I had cracked the code: all I needed to succeed in music was to be myself and go with it all the way.


I Am / I Have:

– Toured worldwide in 30 countries

– Played in more than 100 cities 

– Performed in front of 1,000,000 people.

– Make a living from making music only.

– All my projects are ones that I founded myself.

– Consulted/Taught more than 1000 students

– Lecture and give masterclasses 20 times per year worldwide, to help musicians like you to reach a thriving independent career. 


I developed a system, that I want more people to benefit from: this course.


Join me and an inner circle of DIY musicians and give YOURSELF the break you’ve been waiting for. This is not a quick bandaid solution. Why DIY Music is a method that will last you months and years. So if this sounds attractive to you, this is your opportunity to join.


Sign Me Up!


Nani is an acclaimed international Singer-Songwriter based in Amsterdam. She won the SENA Performers Award 2019 NL, the ACE Premiere Award 2019 UK, the International Sephardic Music Award 2017 ES, the ACUM Album Award 2014 and won the Mooie Noten competition 2010 NL. Her album LOVE MIGRATION ranked iTunes Top-20 bestseller. Nani represented the Netherlands at the European Music festival in Vietnam and performed worldwide in venues such as the Caux international Peace Conference CH, TEDx Amsterdam NL, Jazzahead DE, Manchester Jazz Festival UK, Roccella Jazz IT, Tanjazz MA, North Sea Jazz NL, sharing the stage with John Clayton, Terell Stafford, Katie Melua, Bobby Mcferrin & more. Nani composed music for BBC and NPO documentaries & released 3 solo albums. Nani is a board member of the Amsterdam Artist Collective, CEO & founder at Nova Productions and Founder & Conductor at Hebrew Groove. She is touring internationally with an average of 100 concerts per year.

“A must see show!” Volkskrant, NL

“Don’t miss this show” -Het Parool, NL

“Breathtaking artist, her ballads go under your skin” Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, DE

“Nani’s strength is not only her 3-forte virtuoso on vocals, trombone and piano but also her ability to put a spell on the audience” Roccella Jazz, IT


Official website:

A Few Reviews About Why DIY Music:

״It was a pleasure to attend Nani's DIY session at WOMEX '18 and I truly feel I could relate to the experiences she shared. Her session also gave me insight on how to craft an identity as an artist and successfully build a live-set that is interesting. I would highly recommend it to any aspiring independent artists that are trying to build their musical identity.״
Yohanan Bekele
Black Buddha Sounds, ET
"Thank you, Nani, for a very helpful meeting in which I finally learned how to submit a budget plan for grant applications! Highly recommended!"
Naama Lupo
Spoken Word Artist, IL
"Nani was an excellent leadership addition to our DIY network panel at WOMEX music conference. She’s is collaborative, confident, and accomplished. I feel she can be a great addition to any music industry panel."
Clay Ross
Manager @ Ranky Tanky, USA

Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you feel like your career doesn’t pick up after doing this full course, don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll send you a prompt refund.

Wait No More

Stop postponing your desire to succeed. 
Reach practical and mental milestones this week. 
Pinpoint and eliminate your career issues. 
Start booking gigs. 
Make more music and less administration.



Imagine this:

You Before

      • “Why Does nobody reply to my emails?”
      • “Sometimes I book gigs easily. But how did I do it? I can’t duplicate a method that ensures me bookings.”
      • “It’s a bit strange that I hardly know anything about a world that I like so much.”
      • “I invested a lot of money in making an amazing album but I have none left for PR.”
      • “Whenever an opportunity comes, I’m in trouble. I never know how to close the deal, how much to ask for etc.”
      • “There’s a venue I love that I only dream to play at.”
      • “I’ve (a) career issue(s) that’s been troubling me since long.
      • “It’s hard for me to convey my musical message in words or in images.”
      • “I don’t have enough materials to keep my social media feed interesting”.
      • “I’m taking any gig, because there might be a chance I would miss out on opportunities”.
      • “The editor at the newspaper told me I don’t have an interesting story, what will I write a press release about?”

You After

      • “My email reply rate went up from 3% to 50%.”

      • “I can consistently book gigs. If a gig fell through, I know how to assess what I did wrong.”

      • “I feel like I know the industry, I understand artistic directors’ choices and can appel to them when relevant.”

      • “I know how to make a budget plan that will get me through the release and leave extra for unexpected costs.”

      • “Opportunities don’t feel stressful, I know how to walk through the door that opened for me gracefully.”

      • “I’m building my fan base in a way to enable me to play this venue within X years.”

      • “My career problems are solved, I finally feel less blocked and ready to take on new challenges.”

      • “I know how to write a good copy, how to plan a successful video/photoshoot on a budget and to approach media.”

      • I post interesting content to my social media 3 times per week.”

      • “I can choose to play the shows I would like to”.

      •  “I know how to find the interesting aspects of my personal story and convert them into items in relevant media.”


Is there a money back guarantee?


You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you feel like your career doesn't pick up after doing this full course, don't hesitate to let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund.

How many hours a week will I need to devote to this?


This course is customised for people with less time that want to get to the point quickly. Choose how to pace yourself.

Does it matter what style of music I play?


Musicians in all styles can follow this course. Personally, I have experience in the Indie, Pop, Jazz, World and Classical fields.

Is this course for beginners, or advanced musicians?


This course is designed for both beginners and advanced musicians. It has all the basics as well as insights learned from years of experience. This will work for you too.

Can I download the sessions?


You can't download nor embed the materials of the course. However, you will have unlimited access for at least a year.

I have a manager already - will this course still be useful for us?


Both musicians and managers can acquire tools from this course. Please send me an email to request a discounted access for teams.

Do I get personal interaction with you?

There are contact moments

I'll respond to your questions in the comment sections. And I'll give feedback by e-mail twice (reasonable length). There are no Skype/Phone calls.

Can I do the sessions with my friend/band ? Or is it just for one person at a time?


Clubs, Music schools, Bands, Collectives and Agencies receive discounted group access. Please send me an email for details.

Am I too old to start touring?


Redirect your effort worrying about your age into getting gigs. I’ve had students in their late 60’s booking gigs within 3 months.

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