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Most musicians think that they need to sell themselves. 

They send endless generic emails, visit music industry events and even literally “jump” at people, asking to get booked. 

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How many people pay attention to beggars on the street?

Performing these actions puts you in a beggar’s position.

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Noam “Nani” Vazana is one of the few artists in the world that write & compose new songs in the endangered Ladino language (Judeo-Español). In her new album ‘Ke Haber’ (What’s New) she captures the spirit of the ancient, matriarchal language and culture and propels it into the 21st century with socially pertinent lyrics, celebrating migration, gender and female empowerment. 

After breaking free from a limiting contract with a label, Vazana started her own booking agency Nova Productions, toured in 30 countries and released 5 albums independently. Her album Ke Haber (2022) charted #11 on the International World Music Charts and #13 on the World Music Charts Europe. Her album Love Migration (2014) charted #14 on iTunes top-20 Best-Selling albums. Nani won the Arts Council England’s Premiere Award 2019 and the SENA Music Production Award NL 2019, represented the Netherlands at the EU Music Festival in Vietnam and performed solo concerts at the Kennedy Center and on BBC Radio 3. Nani showcased at APAP USA, Jazzahead DE and NAMM USA and hosted talks on TEDx & 3 WOMEX panels.

In 2019 Nani founded Why DIY Music academy for independent musicians. She teaches her method to break artists into the international music market at the London Performing Academy of Music and at the Jerusalem Music Academy.


#11 World Most Played Albums Chart RmR 2022

#13 World Music Charts Europe 2022 

PAIS Album Award, IL 2020 

SENA Album Award, NL 2019 

Arts Council England Premiere Award, UK 2019 

Sephardic Music Award, ES 2017 

iTunes Top-20 bestseller, NL 

2015 ACUM Album Award, IL 2014