Terms and Conditions

Rule Your Algorithms:

  1. 1. You can join as 1 entity. Your profiles must represent the same person / project.
It’s also not allowed to switch/add pages while in the training.

2. If you don’t have accounts on all 4 platforms, please open them for the course:
Facebook: Join with a business page

Instagram: Join with a business page
Twitter: Regular account
Youtube: Regular account
Other platforms are not allowed.
  3. 3. Posting
  4. Don’t post every day, posting 1-2 times per week will get better results.
  5. It’s best to promote the exact same content on all platforms (copy-paste your content).
  7. 4. You’ll get a daily task at 13:00 CET. Perform the task on the same day.
  9. 5. Engagement:
  10. We’ll exercise the methods learned on each other’s pages, so daily engagement with others is necessary for your success.
  11. This is not a place to “harvest” likes or comments from the group. The goal is develop a work flow. Your own actions will signal the algorithms to grant you more reach.
  13. 6. Group:
  14. – You can write 1x message per day in this group.
  15. – You can share new social media links 2x per week. 
  16. – If you have a question, include it in the same message with your links.
  17. – If you want to add a link / question after already posting in the group, edit your original message (right click / long press).
  18. – Shorten your links on before sharing to the group.
  20. TIP: I highly recommend to perform the tasks on your computer. It’s tricky to open links & interact as your business page on mobile.
  1. 7. Please understand that this course is about organic growth, not computer-orientation. But I did make a special Glossary that you can use. If you can’t find the answer there, please use google.
  2. 8. Privacy & conduct
  3. – We commit to a polite and friendly messaging in the group. 

– Self promo in the group, DM’s or comments is not allowed.
– Tagging is welcome, but posting promotional links in comments is not allowed.
– Sharing content, info or contacts from the course outside the group is not allowed.
– Posts shared to our group will be business related, please avoid political, protest, religious themes or any other strong opinions.

– Messages that don’t comply with the rules will be erased.
– According to our privacy regulations, the tasks & info will be available on Telegram only, for the duration of the course (21 days), after which the group (including info) will be deleted.

9. Fees

  1. – For this course there is no refund possibility.
    – This course is meant for independent artists / business owners. Therefore, the fee is per user. If you wish to have 2 phone numbers in the group (even if it’s for band members, partners or co-workers) please purchase 2 users.
    – A group discount of 10% is available for purchasing 6 (or more) users in the same training

    10. Placement

  2. – If you can’t make the training’s date for some reason, you can request to be reassigned to another group up to 1 week before the training starts. After that there is no switching.
    – In the case a participant doesn’t show up for the training, their place will be revoked within 72 hours and there will be no refund of the training’s fee or reassignment to another group.
  3. – It’s not possible to sell your spot in the training to someone else.

Why DIY Music Course / Group:

1. Joining Why DIY Music course & group are both individual and by invite-only.

2. It is not permitted to forward your username, password or the contents of this group and course to any other user.

3. It is not permitted to copy, share, embed in any way all the materials within this course and group, including but not limited to texts, videos, images, links, messages between users, screen shots etc.

4. If you wish to purchase group access (starting from 2 people), please email: and we’ll get back to you promptly.

5. Joining this course & group is limited to a 1 year access at a time. Your membership will automatically expire unless you pay your subscription.

6. Members commit to respect other member’s privacy and will not post any private details of other users on any other medium.

7. Members oblige to a respectful and polite discussion. We do not remark about other members’ professional quality, appearance, ethnicity, gender, sexual affiliation etc. Members that behave disrespectfully may risk being removed from the group.

8. Members of the group are entitled to invite friends to join our community and course – both sides will then receive a special €10 discount. Please get in touch if you wish to receive a code.



Personal Mentoring sessions, bundles and coaching periods

1. Individual sessions or sessions booked through bundles are 60 minutes long each.

2. A yearly coaching period includes a maximum of 48 hours.

3. A 6 month coaching period includes a maximum of 24 hours.

4. Payments for sessions, bundles and coaching periods will be made in advance.

5. On bundles or periods longer than 8 sessions, the client can request an installment plan. This can be done by credit card of by standing order. In both cases credit card details will be requested from the customer, in case a payment defaults or if the customer decided to leave the coaching period before it ends.

6. Once a global fee for a bundle or a coaching period is discussed & agreed on, the client is committed to execute all istallments on time, even if they decide to leave the coaching period before it ends.

7. Sessions and Bundles are available for a duration of months that correlates with the nr. mentioned in the bundle’s title: A single session is available for 1 month, a 4 session bundle is valid for 4 months and so on. If the client hadn’t used all their meetings within the designated period, the session / bundle will be void and there will be no refunds.

8. Coaching periods are available for a duration of months that correlates with the nr. mentioned in the period’s title: a 6 month coaching periods is valid for 6 months, a yearly coaching periods is valid for 1 year and so on. If the client misses sessions or stops showing up, the remaining sessions will be void and there will be no refund.

9. There are no refunds on sessions, bundles or coaching periods.