One of the hardest things as an independent musician is getting a proper education. Tuition is high, hours aren’t flexible and it’s hard to juggle your schedule while supporting yourself with a part time job. Another thing, is that music colleges and universities don’t offer courses on how to actually launch your independent career after you’ve acquired your diploma in performance, composition or theory. 

When I started out, I didn’t receive support from my family or community and I had to put myself through college on my own. I have witnessed in 1st hand what it is like not to be able to afford to take lessons and how the time I invested in an array of part time jobs (mostly at night, as school was during the day), caused me to miss on practice and even sleeping hours.

This is why I decided to offer this scholarship for aspiring musicians who are already doing a lot on their own, but do need an extra push to launch their career. Recipients will receive full access to the Why DIY Music Course, including a 1 year subscription to our community, where they receive advice and guidance about their career.

Submissions are open every year on the month of July. The recipients will be announced in August and will be endorsed for the upcoming school year.

For Supporters

For Applicants

Support tomorrow’s musicians with any contribution you can afford. By donating as little as €21 per month, you can ensure 1 musician a yearly education. Donation amounts start from €7 per month.

To apply, please send an application letter with a 100 words paragraph about your motivation + links to your videos, music, website, EPK, tour dates and social media. Applications with missing links/info will not be considered.