Terms and Conditions

By joining Why DIY Music Course / Group, I agree to the following Terms & Conditions:


1. Joining Why DIY Music course & group are both individual and by invite-only.


2. It is not permitted to forward your username, password or the contents of this group and course to any other user.


3. It is not permitted to copy, share, embed in any way all the materials within this course and group, including but not limited to texts, videos, images, links, messages between users, screen shots etc.


4. If you wish to purchase group access (starting from 2 people), please email: and we’ll get back to you promptly.


5. Joining this course & group is limited to a 1 year access at a time. Your membership will automatically expire unless you pay your subscription.


6. Members commit to respect other member’s privacy and will not post any private details of other users on any other medium.


7. Members oblige to a respectful and polite discussion. We do not remark about other members’ professional quality, appearance, ethnicity, gender, sexual affiliation etc. Members that behave disrespectfully may risk being removed from the group.


8. Members of the group are entitled to invite friends to join our community and course – both sides will then receive a special €10 discount. Please get in touch if you wish to receive a code.