Why DIY Music Course

By Nani Noam Vazana

Let Me Start By Telling You A Few Secrets About The Music Industry

Hi, I’m Nani, I’m a singer-songwriter, I play trombone and piano and I’ve been booking and managing my solo career for 16 years. I toured in more than 30 countries around the world, averaging a 100 concerts per year. From America, to Asia, Europe and Africa, I have played in more than 100 cities worldwide and in front of 1,000,000 people. 



Most musicians believe that you need a “break” to succeed in music. They talk about luck, about OTHER people opening doors for you and are sorry for not having enough “connections”. 



Do you believe that you need a manager, an agent or a label to “break through”? This is a common mistake.


I’m sure you’ve tried to find “the right person” for a while now. You wrote some polite emails, asked people to introduce you and even begged a few companies to take you on their roster. It’s no wonder, after hearing a 1001 Cinderella stories that you still expect to “get discovered”.



I have some good news:




This course is about getting you back in the driver’s seat and help you regain the control you have lost on your career. No more confusing/conflicting messages, I will HELP you expand your tour, boost your fan base and communicate your message in the best way possible from on stage and to social media. You will become a more productive person and will never again have to rely on utopic unattainable people.


became a successful musician in spite of many barriers. Nobody gave me a rule book to go by and it took me 12 years to figure out a way to do it. I’m a highly logical and system driven person, and this is why I have a method that can be taught, and you can recreate it by joining this course. It had worked for me and for an inner circle of musicians. It will work for you too.



So let’s get down to business.