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So let's talk about organic growth


most business owners think they need to post 10 times per day and pay thousands of Euros on paid ads in order to attract new followers

 What about getting your audience to show up to an opening, a concert, buy your products or contract your  services? How about just DM’ing you, asking to know more about your work?


Not many people are aware to the sheer power of organic growth and think it takes lots of time and energy, patience

and time.

But actually, organic growth is easy, simple, effective and doesn’t jeopardise any financial means we don’t always have available.

Watch Linor Oren's success story who got 155,000 new views & 1,200 new followers on youtube during the course!

So what to do? Join Rule Your Algorithms course

Learn how to:

Stop wasting a lot of time on stories and reels

Get to audiences you didn't know you had

Stop wasting money on paid ads

Join 300 students that already successfully took the course and grew organically by at least 30%.

The course starts in:


Only 4 spots left

What do you get in the course?


The course takes 21 days.

Each day you get a short message with a task that takes 10 minutes to perform.

You perform the tasks in your own spare time (there are no live sessions)

Learn how to promote your pages.

Acquire engagement routines that will guarantee the organic growth of your page in the long run.

Increase organic exposure to your target group.

Stop throwing money on paid ads.

Enjoy a small group & personal touch.

>>> Only 4 spots left <<<

Investment: only €349

Wait, why should you listen to me?

My name is Nani, I founded the why DIY music academy, through which I give courses on launching an international music career and on self-promotion in 8 countries around the world. My teach my courses also at the London Performing Academy of Music, Codarts Conservatory Rotterdam & the Jerusalem Music Academy.

I’ve been promoting myself for 19 years and I’ve also help promote amazing institutions such the Manchester Jazz Festival, the Revolution Orchestra and hosted panels at Womex, JazzIAm, the Austrian Export Office and even Teva farmacuticles. I have more than 20,000 followers on social media that I got completely organically, without paid ads. 

All 300 participants of my course Rule Your Algorithms grew their reach & engagement by at least 30%, some by 10,000%. Participants that started new pages recruited 150-1200 new followers during the course.

*Only 4 spots left

Course participants share their success stories