Rule Your Algorithms

A social media training by Nani Noam Vazana

We showcase our lives constantly on social media – but where is the audience? 
Social media algorithms limit your exposure with every single action you perform. You need to know what works best for each algorithm spread. Only once you figure this out, you’ll get exposed to new audiences.
Brendan Jan Walsh, NL
Brendan Jan Walsh, NL
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Anybody who wants to gain insight and traction on the social media: join! It's fun, insightful and you learn from the other group members too.

On June 1st I’m starting a new cycle of my training RULE YOUR ALGORITHMS, designed especially for business owners & independent artists. No matter what your industry is, the algorithm spread is identical to all social media users. 


Within 4 weeks, you’ll get 1 tip/task per day to optimise your algorithm spread on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. You can perform the tips on your free time (there are no live sessions). 


You also get to know some amazing people, as your participants support each other by engaging with the posts shared to our group.

Jordan Ferrin, USA
Jordan Ferrin, USA
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This is DEFINITELY worth the commitment. Not only have I learned a lot of great info about the inner workings of social media, but I've been connected to some amazing people who motivate me on a daily basis. Highly recommended.

So far I had 4 training cycles with 60 students. All participants grew their following and engagement by at least 30%. Several students who opened new pages, achieved a growth of 500 followers while in the training. I have 10 spots left for June 1st. The cost is €100 for the entire month.

Mima Millo, DE
Mima Millo, DE
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Last night I reached 500 followers, after starting this challenge with a new page and zero followers. I wanted to thank you Nani for a challenging and very interesting program were I learned a lot! Thank you and all the friends in the group! It was a pleasure.

– Daily tips/tasks take 10-15 minutes to perform

– Rule the algorithms to work for you

– Get more ORGANIC engagement & reach
– No investment in paid ads
– Small group & personal touch
– 4 weeks training

Next training: June 1st

Price: €100
Adrian Moncada, ES
Adrian Moncada, ES
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What a nice program! Nani has some great insights about social media, and the atmosphere is really positive I strongly recommend it.

Nani Noam Vazana is the world’s first original Ladino artist. For 2021 she is booked to play on 88 major stages: Richmond Folk Festival USA, Montana Folk Festival USA, HUE Festival Vietnam, Frankrurt Opera House & more.

Nani represented the NL at the EU Music Festival VN, performed at the Kennedy Center USA, Jodhpur RIFF festival IN, Jazzahead DE, North Sea Jazz NL, Roccella Jazz IT, TEDx NL & hosted 3 WOMEX panels. The Dutch NPO network released a mini documentary about her musical work in 2018. Nani also composed music for BBC4 and NPO documentaries. Nani is a professor or Music Career studies & Promotion at the London Performing Academy of Music, she chairs of the Amsterdam Artist Collective and founded Why DIY Music and Nova Productions.

ACUM Album Award, IL 2021
PAIS Album Award, IL 2020
SENA Album Award, NL 2019
Arts Council England Premiere Award, UK 2019
Sephardic Music Award, ES 2017
iTunes Top-20 bestseller, NL 2015
ACUM Album Award, IL 2011

Asaf Lewkowitz, IL
Asaf Lewkowitz, IL
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I’m in day 22 and learning something new every day. So many things go to a successful post, how to interact with it to increase exposure and many ways and tricks... I had no idea that there is so much that goes into running a social media page.